printing bloc

This is my latest work;”printing block” is a literal interpretation of its name. Developed from the lino-print “road crossing” and part of the series “how to cross a road” it is a very large printing block made from mdf and plywood. Based on an earlier print, a close up of two zebra heads, “road crossing”, it explores the nature of black, it reflects no light and could in effect not be there, so i’ve taken it away.


“road crossing”

The original design was enlarged transfered to the mdf cut out and assembled. Prior to finishing several prints were taken from the block, printing white on black paper, entitled “major road crossing”. The surface of the block was inked with a roller and has a resulting dimpled effect, the recesses were painted with blackboard paint in an attempt to make them disappear.


“printing bloc” in progress.

The resulting piece has to be seen in the round for the effect to work, initially it looks like a painting or a print but on moving the surface catches your eye disturbing your unconscious and revealing another dimension.


“printing bloc”

Several prints were taken from the block, printing white ink onto black handmade paper, not terribly successfully, it is notoriously difficult to print white on black as the ink is slightly transparrent. But the prints did show that it was possible and that printing block deserves its name.


“printing bloc print”