Hairless in Gaza


There is a gentle white fluff upon my head, a sign that spring is coming, and my hair is growing back.

For those of you that do not know I was rushed into hospital last July, for what turned out to be a form of cancer called a “large B cell lymphoma”, starting in my lymph nodes it had spread to my liver, lung and bones. The treatment was a double dose of chemotherapy consisting of, days on a drip, and injections in the spine, and it appears to have been successful, the final scan in a week or so will reveal all. A big thanks to all the staff concerned at Whipps Cross and St Barts. I’m still not 100%, I have no stamina and I loose concentration easily, but I’m getting there, there will be some remedial treatment required on my spine and a cataract to remove from one eye. The irony in all this is that the lymphoma was probably caused by the the radio therapy I had to treat a Hodgkins lymphoma thirty years ago.

So apologies for the blog, , not changing much and the comments not being mediated and the similarly with my facebook site, martin.adams.1610 , which was going to be a refection of the blog but turned into a life line with my friends, bless you all.

But spring is on the way, it must be I’ve started to cut some lino, hooray! I cannot wait till my strength and stamina are back and I am in the studio again, I have five prints ready to commit to paper and several other projects by the way of mobiles and sculpture to get on with. Unfortunately this will all be mediated by work on my garden and flat, which I moved into just before illness struck and the settling in got interrupted.

But watch this space