where did it go…. (the declining years cont. )

Well it has turned into 2017 and its time for an update. So much for my regular updates. I appear to be somewhat tardy in my dedication to this blogging business.

2017 and a new year, the E17 art trail occurs this year, I turn 70, and I’m trying to have a one person show, don’t laugh.

In the Arts Trail I will be having all my mobiles hanging from the ceiling of Gnome House in the Inky Cuttle fish studio. One of the mobiles will feature Swifts, as part of the wetlands swift project.

St Barnabus will be hosting a participation scheme on a theme of building bridges, part of the campaign for migrants and against racism. It’s one to get involved in, a participation event, and put your engineering and architectural skills to the test.

Mitre Studios will also be open at some point, I’m not sure what will be there, but it will include working progress, both prints and sculptures.

At some point I will be thinking about having a party what with me turning 70 and the Russian revolution 100. But I don’t know when, possibly at the end of August or September.

I was also tying to put on and open exhibition on a theme of “windmills and bridges”, to help commemorate Frank Brangwyn’s 150th birthday. But as it seems impossible to hire the Winns Gallery, good old LBWF, I don’t know if that will happen. For those of you that don’t know about Brangwyn, an apprentice to Morris, he was one of the 3 people who set up the William Morris Gallery, or to give it its full title “The William Morris Gallery and Brangwyn Gift’. The other two were Haygate Mackmurdo, a friend of Morris, and Walter Spradberry, a local artist and the driving force to setting the place up.

The current exhibition at the WMG features Brangwyn and his relationship to the art of Japan, not to be missed.

On the one person show front I have booked Pictorem for August. I’m glad 2016 has gone, but only for a very personal reason.